Overrated - This is really a bad choice A review of The Driskill

The Driskill is overpriced, over-rated, and you can do better than this place...

I found a web-special for $140 per night for the July 4th weekend - I am told this was such a "steal" for this "world class hotel"... Well this place is a dump.

Features - this hotel has none. Bathrooms are small and unless you are 3ft tall you will have issues. Tiling was not real clean, shower head I noticed only about half of the holes spat out water, the rusty access panel on the shower ceiling is always a nice touch too.

No coffee maker, no pool, workout room is a joke, the "spa" is nothing more than two flat padded tables, THERE IS NO SODA MACHINE IN THE WHOLE BUILDING - they said I should go across the steet to the beverage store.

Room was "cheap looking" furniture a little beat up, entire room done in this cheap flat white - you can buy for $5 a gallon, view was looking into a trashy alley full of puke (ok - some ended up being mine - but that is besides the point).

Food - Our $35 two omlettes at the grill were a joke. The waitress didn't even bring me change (coin) so the $.65 cents I figured would suffice for her tip. The main "dining area" is about as big as your living room and features alla carte junk.

Bar - Anyone under 55 years old enter at your own risk. The singer and piano bar - was enough to make me want to end it all right there on the spot. This area is for elderly people who enjoy $6 beers.

Parking - vallet only at $17/day and they want a tip? hahaha no way (ohhh and the $17 is taxable too)

Smell - if you like old mildew smelling places you will be in heaven here

Location - if you want to be close to 6th street this is the best location - however let's face realtiy Austin is so small if you can't walk two blocks (where the Omni, Hilton, and other BETTER places are) then you have serious issues anyhow.

Elevators - they are accessable only AFTER YOU walk up about 30 stairs... I guess they could have carried my junk for me but then they would want yet another tip.

Staff - not real polite at all... They could care less. The conceire was nice and did book us dinner reservations (outside the hotel) - but everyone else was a snob.

BOTTOM LINE: This place sucks. Over-rated, Over-priced, food is not good, nothing to do - I see NO POINT in staying here at all... pick any other hotel downtown - and go drinking with your profits...

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