Overpriced lodging A review of Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel

We stayed at this hotel in downtown Indy during our visit because it was close to downtown. Booked it on Expedia, which went rather smoothly (no hassles at the counter when I told them my name). The walls were extremely thin and we could hear the neighbors across the hallway conversing with a maid. Everything you have read from the other reviews is right on - walls are paper thin and the toilets are very crappy (have to reach way under the countertop to flush the toilet. The bathrooms also did not even have a ventilation fan (hey, not everybody goes #1 all the time)! Also, the bathtub is very narrow and not a standard width tub.

I was shocked to see that parking was an additional $12 for hotel guests on top of the already-expensive $147.71 hotel room. In addition, the front desk employee did not properly validate my parking, so when I tried to leave (after paying for parking when I first checked in), the gate would not open and the card reader said that I did not pay. The employee did not "validate" my parking card after she went ahead with charging my credit card! What a huge inconvenience having to go inside as my car was blocking the exit to the garage. Another inconvenience (but rather standard for all hotels) is that you cannot enter the elevator from the garage without a hotel keycard, so if you stay here, be sure to check in before you pull into the parking garage.

The only positives we found were high speed internet included, a modern thermostat, and a nice view from the 15th floor. The beds were comfortable enough, but the hotel is way overpriced (as are all hotels in downtown Indianapolis).

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