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Where do I start! I always thought the Princess Royale hotels were nice. I was very wrong. My husband and I took our 2 sons there for the weekend. We made our reservations on the phone for what we thought was a 1 bedroom (not) It was nothing more than a standard room with 2 double beds. The room was dirty. There was mold in the bathroom, sheets were dirty they were brown looking, the patio door was broke it would not lock. There was no clock in the room. No ice in the vending machines, and the soda machines were out of order. This is not a family place. The rooftop pool is X-rated not fit for kids. To many young drunk people pulling fire alarms having to leave your room in the middle of the night. Staff needs to be better trained. Be more honest about the rooms. Think twice before you stay here

When making a reservation at the Princess Bayside several different room types are available and are described to the guests. We have standard rooms, which this member reserved, also two types of efficiencies are available. This hotel does not have a one bedroom room type, therefore it is not probable our staff would describe this room type. Upon hearing the many room type descriptions it is possible that a guest may be confused as to what they have reserved, however, our reservationists repeat the room description when confirming their reservation, and it is noted on thier confirmation which is sent by mail.

The Princess Bayside provides twenty four hour Security, if we had been notified of any improper behavior at our pool the Security staff would have responded immediatly to make the area hospitable to all of our guests. Our Security staff did respond to the case of the fire alarm being pulled, they were able to apprehend the person (adult) involved and turn them over to the police department. Our response time, from the time the alarm sounded to the time guests were back in the rooms was less than thirty minutes.

We apologize to our guests for the inconvenience a fire alarm causes. The hotel has a state of the art fire alarm system for guests safety and when it is activated we must treat the situation as if a fire has actually occured and all guests must be evacuated from the building as required by law.

We strive daily to provide each guest with outstanding service. There are however, isolated events that occur and if it is called to our attention we will address it quickly and to the guests satsfaction.

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