Overpriced, dingy, stinky A review of Inn at Otter Crest

Overpriced for what you get, sounds much better than it is. If you've seen the website, you may have noticed that there are plenty of photos of the ocean and overhead views of the resort, but very few of the actual rooms. There is a reason for this. Our room was a "panoramic view studio." The green indoor/outdoor carpet had that old motel room smell that you never get used to, you could feel the springs in the bed, and the two chairs were blue velour grandma's house type. YOu get one presto log per night, and instuctions in the room say you are not allowed to burn actual logs, but you may purchase more presto logs. The mini couch was fine, and the kitchenette and bathroom looked recently remodeled. The view was indeed 180 degrees, BUT the bottom half of it was of roofs. We could see waves hitting the shore if we looked between two buildings. Also, the windows were filthy, and I didn't have any windex with me. To get a real view, you'd probably have to get a loft, located above the studios.

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