Overpriced but beautiful A review of Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa

It's as beautiful as the photos on the website, and the beach villa is 10x more amazing than the overwater bungallows. It was a 5 star resort villa, but it had too many bugs and lizards and creepy crawly things inside the hut with you. There is a small wading pool that's useless beside dipping your feet in. Everything is overpriced - breakfast buffet is $30/person and an average dinner for 2 can be up to $80 (no drinks, just water which they charge $4) Make sure you sign every bill and get a receipt otherwise they will charge for anything and you can't dispute the charges at the end of your trip without receipts. Other than that it is very relaxing, quiet, and completely secluded. From the beach near the pool you can walk several feet through the water to a tiny private island that has a cot to lay in. Not much to do esp at night - no recreational activities or shows/bars so you can only watch French TV. Must eat in resort-no mainland restaurants-Bora Bora would be a much better island to visit. I really didn't think it was the most luxurious resort in Fr. Polynesia

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