Overpriced and disappointing A review of The Langham, Sydney

Sadly, this hotel lives up to neither its price nor its reputation. We stayed for 2 nights recently on the basis that it was THE premier hotel in Sydney, and, incidentally, charged accordingly. How wrong it is to judge on this basis. I'll try and do my review in order.


Firstly, loose the attitude. Abrupt, rude and downright arrogant (interestingly, we felt this more from the female front desk staff than the male). You work in the hotel, you do not own it. If you have a problem with others able to afford to stay there when you cannot, then work somewhere else. This is the first impression that the guest gets and cast a pall on the remainder of our trip.

Secondly, one should not have to wait 15 mins on hold at 8.30pm to speak to someone for a wake up call (I hung up, tried again, waited 8 minutes - timed it!) and gave up and went downstairs. In front of me, an obviously angry gentlemen who had been overcharged - he had a printout (which was reluctantly given to him) and was going through it saying "I did not have this", "Overcharged", "not mine" - he also requested a wake up call and was told "You can call us for that" to which he responded, "I did, I waited, I gave up". Surprise surprise! I should note that we were also overcharged for amenities that we did not use. Hmm...do they work on an average that someone will not complain/notice and therefore make some more money??? Who knows.


Large, comfortable bed but decorated in hybrid Edwardian/Chinese/early 20th Australia, that is, a mess....prints on the walls which at first glance look good but on closer inspection, are chipped and quite ratty and cheap. Toilet did not stop running, powerpoint over basin loose (read: dangerous), stains on carpet, 2 towels (gave up on ringing for more based on experience above) - showers, however, were exceptional!! TV cabinet was the usual, however, the absence of any prices for the DVD's (cunningly worded in the room guide to suggest that you merely called to get one to use) was disappointing - $13.95. But wait, there's more: I think we have the new record for a mini-pack of Pringles (1/4 the size of a normal pack).....$11!!! There's a difference between room service prices and daylight robbery and this is the latter. $8 for half a grapefruit? $6 for an orange juice? What is worse, the hotel is located in the back of nowhere with beautiful City views to ex-housing commission terraces or, if you lookup, some trees but the Harbour views stare at the majesty of the wharves and industrial area (grab a map and you can see..the 'Harbour' as a tourist would imagine is actually on the other side of about 3 billion cubic feet of land). Therefore nowhere to eat unless you choose the Galileo (read reviews - most patrons were not that impressed) and the Globe Bar (actually surprisingly good value and beautiful surroundings).


See above - can recommend the GLobe Bar though!


Save your money - we only stayed there since a) obtained a massive discount on LastMinute and b) we needed to be close to a wedding venue - other than that, would have stayed in a CBD hotel with views of the Bridge, Opera House and actually in the city itself rather than the industrial fringe.

Horrendously overpriced (we later met a couple who paid $700 for the same room we got for $275) and seriously not worth it. Average condition upon closer inspection, disappointing staff and unacceptable service for the price (this promotes itself as the premier hotel in Sydney remember, and charges accordingly), I could not recommend this hotel.

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