Overall we enjoyed our stay! A review of Radisson Hotel at Cross Keys

The location of our six night stay in Baltimore was determined by the site of conference that we were attending.

We felt very comfortable in this large city with the hotel being in a gated community with security.

The outdoor surroundings at the pool area were beautiful and the greenery was unexpected.

Our room was pleasant and comfortable.

High speed internet connection option at $5 per day was appreciated, and I although I had a bit of trouble connecting at first, the Wayport information card on the desk allowed me to call and get things up and running quickly.

We did have to ask for a guest directory and phone book as there wasn't either in the room when we arrived. These were provided quickly after our request.

We had a fridge in our room. The first one froze our food on the lowest setting, but was replaced quickly on request.

Our trip was on a tight budget, so we tried to utilize the fridge for groceries rather than eat too many meals in restaurants. I was surprised that there wasn't even a convenience store within walking distance to purchase groceries. In the end the $25 cab fare to a grocery store and additional $10 per night for the fridge likely offset any savings and actually cost us more. We'll remember that lesson for our next hotel stay!

The swimming area was very nice and you would never guess that you were in the middle of a city of millions of people. The lifeguards often seemed more involved in visiting with friends than watching the kids. The pool was also unheated. This was okay on a sweltering afternoon, but we didn't get as much use of the pool as we would have liked because often it was just too cold.

The shuttle service was appreciated. Depending on who the driver was, the level of service varied. One driver was more than willing to take you wherever you needed to go for a tip (we were taken to the train station after checkout) at our convenience. The other driver was more rigid (sticking to the set times and drop off point even if you were the only passengers) and seemed to view the trips as an inconvenience to him.

We were glad to have taken a taxi from the airport to the hotel -- the airport shuttle would have been more expensive and this hotel is one of the last drop offs, so it would have been a very long ride. A person would have to keep this in mind if they were returning to the airport this way as they would have to leave long before the time they needed to be on site.

The noise level from the hallway and adjacent room was too high. Maid service was in full swing on our floor by 6:30 am and it was difficult to sleep once they started. For two nights we had a noisy couple in the room next to us. Their noisy lovemaking at 11 pm, 3 am, and 6 am came through the wall so clearly that they may as well have been in our room. This was a disturbing thing to have to try to explain to my 7 year old child.

We didn't actually eat in the Crossroads Restaurant, so I can't comment on the menu and pricing. We did have room service our last morning and this worked well -- one omelete with an extra order of toast fed my daughter, my mother, and myself. In the restaurant we would have felt pressured to order thee separate meals even though we are all light eaters.

We avoided the shopping area because there was a lot of construction work taking place.

Desk staff were courteous and knowledgeable.

We did have to have our keys reactivated many times which was an annoyance because we made so many trips back and forth from the third floor to the lobby.

I expected the business services to be provided in a better manner. You can send a fax from the front desk, but in the end I chose not to because I would like to have been at a machine myself sending confidential information. If you have your own postage you can drop a letter off at the desk to be mailed . . . I don't normally travel with stamps! Courier service wasn't very customer friendly either -- I wanted to send something that didn't fit in the envelopes (you have to go down to the parking garage to get an envelope and then leave your package in a drop box there -- not a way that I would choose to send confidential information) and was told I'd have to look after figuring it out for myself. In the end I managed to find one of the stores willing to give me a small packing box.

The shuttle driver was taking us to the train station and I wanted to stop at the post office on the way to mail this package. He had another passenger that he was taking to work (I'm assuming someone who lives in the area or perhaps a long term hotel guest) and didn't have time. He did offer to take it to the post office and look after the mailing himself once he was done with his drop offs. We were on our way out of the city and needed to be rid of this box of conference material so that we could manage our luggage, so even though I felt a bit uncomfortable, I left the package with him.

Doug received a $40 tip -- this was to cover the trip to the train station, the cost of mailing, and the service of making the mailing arrangements. The package arrived safe and sound and I was relieved that Doug was true to his word. He was the friendly shuttle driver by the way!

I know from speaking with the organizers of our conference that the staff were friendly, helpful, and accommodated all of the "odd" requests that were made of them. The meals served were also very nice.

So -- my biggest complaint is the noise level, but I would go back because overall this was a good stay!

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