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We went to the Sturbridge Country Inn for two nights in October 2003 for a little "pre-honeymoon" getaway. It was pretty cute and delivered the charm that it advertised.

Our suite didn't look like the pictures on the website but i thought it was actually better! Fireplace, Jacuzzi, great cozy, country feel. This place is right on main street so it's not exactly some secluded farmhouse, but it still has a nice country feel to it.

The restaurant that's attached to the inn is first rate! You could look around sturbridge for some other nice places to dine but I don't think you'll find better than right downstairs from your room! Only about 8-10 tables fit in this restaurant, as it feels like you're a guest in someone's rustic dining room. The service is totally friendly and the food is phenominal, both taste and presentation.

Overall, we were very pleased with the Sturbridge Country Inn but there are a couple negative comments worth mentioning.

First of all, there was a bit of a hassle at check-in. It was our wedding night and we were coming straight from our reception. We had spoken to them on the phone several times beforehand to let them know we wouldn't be checking in until about midnight and everything was supposed to be all set. But when we arrived, the woman at the desk couldn't figure out how to run my credit card through. She kept trying several times with two different cards of mine and couldn't get it to work. Then she tried to tell me that she couldn't let us check into our room without running the credit card through, which i thought was a ridiculous policy. They already had my credit card info because they had charged a deposit about a month earlier to hold the room. They shouldn't need to charge anything else (like most hotels) until we check out. Anyway, I told her to just take down my CC # and let us check in and she can figure it out in the morning. But she said she had to call the owner to get permission to do that, but of course she couldn't get through, and could only page the owner and we had to wait for a return call. While all this was going on, my wife, still in her wedding dress, was waiting alone outside in the car. I was still in my tux, and we were both tired and getting annoyed. Finally, after about 20 minutes, the owner called and told her to just take down the CC# like I suggested originally and they would deal with it in the morning.

Anyway, the only other negative thing worth mentioning is that our jacuzzi in our suite seemed clean, but when we filled it up with water there was some "scum" that appeared. It must have been collected inside the jets or pipes or something. It was a little much, so we didn't spend much time in the jacuzzi. I would definitely suggest to the owners to try to do something about that.

Other than the jacuzzi scum and the little check-in annoyance, we really liked this place. I know it doesn't seem totally that way, but this place really is cute.

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