Over all, a beautiful place to stay A review of Penn's View Hotel

I had missed the opportunity to see a favorite band of mine in Boston, so I found the next best place in Philadelphia. I wanted to stay at a nice, reasonably-priced hotel which offered some extra nice amenities. While on the pricey side, it sounded like the Penn's View Inn was definitely what I was looking for.

The directions on the website were easily followed, and the front desk staff was incredibly nice. I'm guessing all the rooms are smoking, because I wasn't given an option (or this particular type of rooms were allotted as smoking), and you could smell smoke from a previous occupant.

The room was absolutely gorgeous (it was the exact same room provided in the website's picture of the Premium King room)-- large living quarters, fireplace, king bed, beautiful wallpaper, big (jacuzzi) tub. I thought the bed was a little hard when first lying down on it; however, I slept nicely.

The bathtub was great, but the water pressure and temperature had a tendency to change frequently. Living in an apartment, I rarely ever have the luxury of even enjoying a five-minute hot shower. I was looking forward to the temperature not changing on me; however, this was not a factor I could count on at the hotel.

The main problem I had with the hotel was the restaurant. By the looks of the menu, my boyfriend and I thought it might be best if we just had something small to eat at the bar. When we went downstairs, someone from the bar directed us to the restaurant to have us seated. This wasn't a problem, but our waitress was extremely patronizing and rather rude. Her snotty attitude really got the best of us, especially since she was treating other diners with respect and a polite demeanor. We both like to think of ourselves as nice, polite people, and I don't think we were standoffish in any way, but she truly made us feel like we didn't belong. We both had some dessert we picked up at the King of Prussia Mall waiting for us, so we both ordered appetizer-sized meals and spent most of the time uncomfortable.

We probably should have said something, as I've noticed other people have complained about the very same thing on here, but we were tired and just didn't want to get into it.

We also had some difficulty with the continental breakfast. Nothing was widely stocked, so as people went up for seconds and thirds, we could barely get what we needed-- milk for cereal, a piece of fresh fruit, juice or even silverware or coffee cup tops. Unaware that the hardboiled eggs were... well, not boiled and had to be boiled by the patrons, my boyfriend cracked the egg at our table to find it still raw. The only woman who appeared to be working had to clean off tables and replenish the food and could barely keep up. On top of that, she didn't seem too thrilled to be there.

I don't want this review to appear completely negative, because our stay was far from bad. The room *was* gorgeous, the gas fireplace was a bonus treat that helped this poorly-circulated girl warm. The hotel guide was very helpful in getting us around the city, and it's within walking distance to about everything you want to see.

I'm not sure it's worth $225 a night (this was the AAA rate), but for a capital city, this was a great price for a great place.

In other words, yes, I would choose to stay there again, and I would recommend to others... I would probably just offer a few disclaimers.

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