Outstanding Views... for a price A review of St. Regis Princeville Resort

The Princeville Hotel had absolutely amazing views! From just about every part of the hotel, you could see Hanalei Bay, Bali Hai, the mountains, and the ocean. Service was very nice and nearly always friendly. Of course the price is fairly high. On the down side, they seem to nickle and dime you for stuff like newspapers, parking, tennis, kayaks, and other incidentals that should be included when you pay at least $300+ per night! The breakfast buffet is delicious and very nicely done. And you'll never want to leave when you see the view from your table-- gorgeous! Again, you pay for it-- $25 each (although kids under 12 pay only a token $2.00). Totally worth the price. I can't say the same for the formal dining room-- over priced and over-hyped by local magazines. The food was good but not great. I recommend driving the 10 minutes into Hanalei. The hotel lobby is amazing... it must be a full acre in size! The "Living Room" is a perfect place to have a drink after a long day of relaxing! And yes, the Mai Tai's are really good. Guests pay $16/day for parking whether you park it yourself in the lot or have to valets park it for you. I say let 'em deal with it! And don't forget to call down to the Bellman when you need your car so they can have it waiting when you get there! Remember the hotel entrance is on the 9th floor. So, most go DOWN to your room. All rooms have some sort of view of either the Bay or the Bay and the Ocean even though they call some of them "Garden View" or "Mountain View". Those latter two might have an obstructed view of water but all rooms face the water so it's hard to go wrong. The nice thing about being in rooms 101 - 119 is that you are the only rooms to have a lanai (actually just a concrete slab in front of your room). The bad thing is that since you are at "pool level", everyone can see into your room! We had room 1101 on the top floor which had to be the best view in the hotel! (It might be reserved for honeymooners, but you can always request it.) The lower your room number (01, 02, 03, etc) the quieter the room and the farther you are from the action. (If you look at a picture of the hotel from the beach, the lower numbers are on the left.) I liked these because we didn't have to look at people in the restaraunts or pools, etc. All in all, if you want to spoil yourself, the Princeville Hotel is the place to do it. It's not as touristy and packed like the high-end places in Poipu. You'll love the natural surroundings and you'll be very happy that you pampered yourself!

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