Orange Hill in Nassau A review of Orange Hill Beach Inn

A low-key, friendly inn in New Providence. Great base if you like gardens, quiet,

snorkeling off the beach and want to avoid cheesy casinos. It is on the far

west end of accomodations on the north coast (but before Compass Point).

You can walk on the beach to Traveller's Rest for dinner or take the #10 bus

anywhere in Cable Beach or downtown in 20 minutes for $1.

Easy to arrange scuba trips - scuba places will pick you up. There's a pool, a grill

and porch swings to make you feel at home. An honor bar and a small restaurant,

clean rooms, fruit trees & flowers, house cats, no glitz.

Like staying with your favorite aunt who lives on the beach.

I found the snorkelling far better than off the beach at Atlantis - no jetskis to

run you over.

Best patch of coral - line yourself up with the lawn in front, then

swim out as far as the palapa on the dock to your right. Saw a moray eel,

parrot fish, rays, puffer fish, barracudas etc right off the hotel.

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