Opened Prematurely A review of Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa

As frequent visitors to the Hilll Country Hyatt, we were excited about a similar resort opening closer to home. We stayed at the Lost Pines resort for 2 nights in late July, when it had been open about 2 months, but quickly realized that the resort still had a lot of bugs to work out. On the positive side, the LCRA programs were interesting and informative, but some were overpriced. We particularly enjoyed the free stargazing and native animals presentations. We also appreciated the ready availability of complimentary bicycles and the friendly staff.

The deficiencies we encountered were in the areas of landscaping, construction completion and food service and, well, bugs. Our room on the 4th floor (which the bellman pointed out did not have a balcony to get locked out on) overlooked what will one day be a butterfly meadow, but is currently just sparsely covered with grass. Likewise, parts of the lazy river meander through nothing but overgrown weeds. The hotel had just planted some pine trees to go along with the "Lost Pines" theme, but they don't naturally grow on the property. A stroll along the pathway by the river revealed an unpleasant, sewer odor. We saw workers digging up the area, but it was not resolved during our stay. We also encountered numerous flying insects both indoors and outdoors. During an evening bike ride, my daughter got one in her eye and we all got some in our mouths!

We purchased a Family fun package which included an "activity" credit which we had hoped to use for my daughter at the youth spa. After we arrived, we learned that the youth spa was not open yet and the adult spa was fully booked for any services we were interested in.

Our biggest frustration was with the hallway lighting. There appeared to be some electrical problems during our first day there. For several hours, the hallway leading to our room was dimly lit and at times totally dark. It was a very long walk down a very dark hall to get to and from our room. When the lights were on, it was evident that there were numerous punch list items to complete, with areas needing paint and other elements of completion. Furthermore, the temperatures in the common areas of the hotel were extraordinarily cold, so we were appreciative of the temperature controls in our room.

While the staff was extremely friendly, their inexperience showed and many questions required consultations with other employees to answer. The biggest complaint involved the staff of the Firewheel restaurant. While we were there, the hotel occupancy was pretty low, but we always had to wait an extraordinary amount of time to be seated by the hostesses, even when it was obvious that there were plenty of tables available. The wait staff was slow as well. One morning we waited 15 minutes for a bagel and it arrived burnt! Waiting for the check was agonizingly slow. I had to take my daughter outside to warm up while my husband waited for the check.

Overall, we thought the resort was very overpriced. The horseback riding cost more than we paid in Maui for a ride 3 times longer. Because the hotel is so remote, they realize thay can get away with high prices for their food. Fortunately, breakfast was included in our package. Had it not been, I probably would have settled for Starbucks and baked goods sold in the ice cream parlor.

Until we get reliable reports that they've worked the bugs out at Lost Pines, we'll continue making the drive to San Antonio's Hill Country resort.

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