Only resort to consider when staying in the area. A review of Sandpearl Resort

We did a four night stay thru the weekend into the first of the week. We found the property to be as advertised. The properties occupancy rate was packed during the weekend and practically empty through the week. To follow up on a few questions in this forum: Cabana's rents for $150 a day or $75 for a half. They also have chairs of different sort to rent out on the beach. Along with the nice rooms, the pool area is why you really want to stay here. It is worth the price of admission. As others have mentioned, the pool water is COLD. Everything is a tad pricey hear but no different from any property of this caliber anywhere in the states.

When we arrived we had to put our luggage and coats in the holding area and changed in there to go to the pool because the rooms were not ready yet. (1:00pm) We then had a problem later with luggage being delivered that was not ours. We did get ours right after that but the coats were missing. As much as they did try to help and seemed genuinely apologetic they never did recover the coats. That was not our only incident, We were charged someone else's total room stay when we arrived home. This was also dealt with swiftly. I mention these issue's because things like this have happened to everyone at one time or another and the only thing that makes it tolerable is the staff that you are dealing with. We found everyone to be very helpful and courteous.

This property is really your only choice in the near future of this area. A few other properties are being built by major chains and it seems that this area is in for quite a change. That can be good and bad all depending on how you look at it. (like cutting down all the tree's to name streets after them.) Bottom line, if your looking for an upscale property on a nice beach in a beachie area then there is really no other choice in Clearwater. I will post a video and as many different photo's as possible to get a feel for what is a great property. I recommend Sandpearl Resort.

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