Only Reason is the Convention Center A review of Hyatt Regency Columbus

I recently stayed 4 days, 3 nights at the Hyatt Regency Columbus for the annual Longaberger Bee. The Hyatt was on the list of hotels giving Longaberger consultants and guests a special rate. It was third choice on my list.

Reservations were made through Longaberger, so I cannot rate reservation service. We arrived at 11 am in Columbus on the first day of the conference. Check-in was not until 3:00 pm. I checked the status of checking in early and was told rooms were not ready and to check back about 1 pm or so. I asked how to access the convention center so I could check in for my conference. The front desk did not give good directions. I got lost and was unable to check in for my conference until later, which led me to be unable to attend some interesting classes.

My husband and two children were attending this conference with me. We went to lunch and returned to check in. It was about 1:30. I had to wait half an hour in line at this point, while my family waited out in the car for me. After having previously spoken with hotel twice and reservations once about what type of room we needed, check-in was not smooth at all.

First, I requested lowest non-smoking floor available with two beds.

So, the man at the counter (whom I spoke with at 11 confirming our needs) told me they could give me a King on the 18th floor. I said that was not what I wanted. Then, suddenly, he found a room on the 6th floor with two beds that was clean and ready.

We used valet parking the entire time, which cost about $20 per day.

Oddly, guests of the hotel pay more per day for valet than non-registered guests of the hotel. The prices quoted to me by the front desk varied from those posted on a sign at the hotel, which varied from those told to me by the valet attendants. Generally, the valet were very friendly and speedy.

The hotel pool was disappointing, and my family never used it. The exercise room was average.

The major attraction of the Hyatt is that it has several ballrooms available, and it is connected to the convention center. It is easy to access the convention center and all its attractions from a couple different spots in the hotel. My complaint with third floor access is that you had to walk through the hotel's open bar, which all smokers seemed to gather at.

The hotel has 20 stories and is certainly impressive to look at. The rooms are a decent size, but I would expect more room for the $135/ night at a hotel in the midwest. The rooms were nicely appointed with a sitting area that had a comfortable chair and small table, a large desk, a television atop a chest of drawers. There was another coffee area within the room. The bathrooms were a good size and water pressure was great. The rooms were cleaned well.

There are no bedrooms below the 4th floor. I believe 4 and 5 are smoking floors. We chose to use the stairs most of the time because the elevators (4) were overwhelmed by the demand of 20 full floors and were very slow. Waits on any given floor were 10 minutes or more at key times during the conference. The hotel clearly needs more guest access elevators as well as more concierge only elevators.

The day before check-out, my son lost his snake he'd gotten at the Columbus zoo. I checked with the Hyatt front desk in the evening about 10pm. They said they could do nothing until housekeeping came in the next day at 9am. We were planning on checking out at 7:30 am.

The next morning, I called for concierge service at 6:40 am. They said it would be 20 minutes. It took an hour for the concierge to arrive. I went downstairs at 6:45 to check out, which did only take 15 minutes. I inquired about the snake again, which they could not find. I went to have my car brought up, which they would not do without my bags being at curbside. I went to the convention center to check lost and found for the snake, and they did not have it. I checked the concierge desk several times to check the status of our bags. Finally, when I knew we were next and saw a steward go upstairs, I went and called my car. We were third on the waiting list. It took 20 minutes for them to get my car, and only slightly less time for my bags to come down. I checked at the front desk one last time (still before 8am) for the snake, and miraculously they had it. I wonder if they had it the other two times as well since supposedly nothing got into our out of lost and found without housekeeping, which still had not yet arrived.

Why so long for check out? First, Longaberger had two sessions of Bee scheduled back to back: Day 4 of the Reunion Bee was the same as Day 1 of the Gathering Bee. This put an extreme burden on the hotel as guests checked in and out all at the same time. However, the hotel did not have enough service people available, elevators, or car room also to take care of this mass of people.

I am not sure if I would recommend the Hyatt. It is a nice hotel, but it was not at the level I expect from a hotel I pay more than a $100 for. Good service was sporadic.

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