Only if the price is right A review of Holiday Inn Express Nashville Downtown

Stayed here for 5 days recently and even though they're trying, sometimes its just not enough. Our room had mould on the wallpaper where food had been spilt and not cleaned up. The bathroom barely got cleaned each day, the carpet was badly in need of a shampoo as our bare feet turned brown after walking around on it. Whilst the furnishings are in good nick, the actual cleanliness of the room leaves a lot to be desired. Positives - its right across the road from the Frist, a 10min walk downhill to Downtown and the hotel had a small shop with just about everything you might need at short notice. My suggestion to anyone wanting to stay here would be to check your room before accepting it upon check in. Our room was at the end of a very loooong corridor so our room may not have been used very often except when they have full occupancy and therefore it appeared a little neglected. To be fair, I was able to inspect 3 other rooms belonging to our friends and 2 of them were in better condition than ours. Pot luck I guess.

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