Only 1 problem at this hotel A review of Hilton Meadowlands

I'll start off by telling about the "bad" since the good does outweigh it substantially. The bad part about this hotel is that it is SMOKEY. There were smokers crowding around the entrance to the hotel during our 4 day stay. Also, after you push your way through the smokers, you get a face full of smoke as soon as you open the doors. This is because, as another reviewer already stated, there is an open "lounge area" no more than a few feet from the check in desks where people are allowed to smoke. So, the whole lobby smells like smoke, especially around the 5:30 or 6 p.m. hour where all the business travelers are there for happy hour. My husband and I both HATE cigarette smoke and are highly allergic to it, so we think that this is a BIG downer for this hotel. We were relieved when our non-smoking room was definitely non-smoking (no smells in the room). We were on the Club Level, room 2120. This is a great room to have, as it is 2 doors down from the Club Level Lounge and has a great view of Newark, NJ and you can see planes flying overhead, going towards the airport. Also, if you look to your left out the window, you have a great view of Lower Manhattan. And, your view straight ahead is of the river and lots of cat tails/pussy willows. Granted, you can see the toll plaza off of the NJ Turnpike from this room too, but it isn't a big deal. The Sweet Sleeper bed is nice (love the duvet covers and triple sheeting), but the mattress is no where near the comfort level of the Westin Heavenly Beds. We were very happy to hear that this hotel allowed our dog to stay with us, at no extra charge. She got a "welcome package" from the front desk that included doggie pick up bags and latex gloves for the humans to use to pick up doggie waste. And, there was a name tag with the Sheraton logo on it to put on her collar while at the hotel. This is a great idea. They also offered a dog bed for her, but we had brought ours from home. We did get A LOT of dirty looks from the business crowd for having a dog in the hotel every time we took our poor girl for a potty break, but we didn't care. We just gave them dirty looks back for polluting everyone's lungs with their "cancer sticks". The continental breakfast offered for the Club Level was good, but was closed one day. This day, we were offered breakfast coupons for use in the restaurant---this continental offered was the same one offered upstairs. But, we left halfway through our meal because we were getting sick from the smoke coming from the "lounge area" at 7:30 a.m.! Yuck. I would like to mention two people who were very helpful during our stay. Kique (pronounced kee-kay) was the gentleman in charge of the Club Level lounge during the p.m. manager's reception. He was so nice and friendly and went out of his way to be helpful with clearing our plates, etc. The nightly manager's reception was a nice touch, as there was fruit and veggies and other snacks for free.The Lounge is non-smoking too and there aren't any "drunk" people up there like at the bar downstairs. I would recommend staying on the Club Level (floors 19-21) just for the use of the Lounge and for the views of NYC from the lounge. Patrons on these floors can also just go sit in the lounge and enjoy the views and watch tv too. Plus, if you are on 19-21 floors and you don't get lucky enough to get a NYC view room from your hotel room, you can always go up to the lounge to take pics. The view from here is the best as you get the full frontal view of the skyline. Just perfect. Julia, from housekeeping was also very nice and took care of our room and even put up with our dog sniffing at her the whole time. ha.ha. We would stay at this hotel again if we go to the area (which we probably will because of business travel) even with the smoke situation simply because there are no other nice hotel choices. I just hate it about the smoke. The indoor pool was a nice touch, but since the enclosure is not heated, it was too cold to swim. We did enjoy the jacuzzi, but it is small, so you usually had to "wait your turn" to use it, or else scoot people over. When my husband and I were in there, 2 men got in to use it with us, even though the jacuzzi was barely big enough for 2. So, we felt uncomfortable being that cozy with strangers so we got out. I would recommend this hotel if you have to be in the area for business, but if it is just a pleasure trip to see NYC, stay in the Times Square/Broadway area for a better experience.

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