One of the Worst A review of Viceroy Santa Monica

Unless you are among the terminally hip or tragically bored, Viceroy is not for you. In their desperate quest to add "attitude" (and a snotty one at that), Viceroy forgot about "service". If you're the kind of sucker who thinks being treated like a jerk by some smarmy foreign matre dei' at a way overpriced, way under-serviced Hollywood or NY restaurant of-the-second, then this is the place for you! You'll feel right at home! I thought the days of paying BIG money to be mis-treated were over. I was weong, big-time. Having traveled the world the past 30 years and staying at the world's best hotels, as part of business and pleasure as a journalist in the auto industry, I found the Viceoy a surprisingly bad property. And I want to like the places we go! It's a perk of the job! We were there for the press intro of Toyota's new line of Scion cars. Forget lighting so poor throughout the hotel that a "dark corner" is an oxymoron. Forget the bench in the useless shower being on the wrong side of the shower (you can't stand up under the shower head). Forget usable towel racks in the bathroom. Forget no high speed internet plug-in in the room. Forget virtually EVERYTYHING in the room and bath having a price tag on it, with a snotty note on the bed urging guests to not have their sheets cleaned each night(!). Forget a front desk which can't remember who is paying for your room. Forget a "Zenith" TV and DVD in the room....the worst money can buy. Forget a phone operator who insultingly LAUGHS when you ask for another guest's room who has an unusual-sounding name (at least this desk clerk). Forget a damn alarm clock which doesn't work! Focus instead just on the place's "so serious 'tude" and that should be enough to keep you away.

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