One of The Most Beautiful Places on Earth A review of Skyland Resort

I have been coming to Shenandoah and staying in Skyland Resort since I was 8 years old and I am now 21. I think it is so beautiful. Most people don't get to hear much about it because it isn't as famous and Yosemite National Park or the Grand Canyone, ect., so I think it is highly understated. The trails are absolutely beautiful and you have choices from easy to difficult. My favorites are Dark Hollow Falls, Stoney Man, and the short nature walk near the Bird Center at Big Meadows. There are a couple others but I can't remember all the names. lol. Oh one that is more difficult because it is a bit steep is called Upper Hawksbill Gap, the Lower Hawksbill Gap is even more difficult though and I have yet to try that one. I am very excited and happy to say too that I get to take my husband to Shenandoah with me in Oct. for the very first time. He is returning home from Kuwait and I cannot wait to show him the beauty and the serenity of Shenandoah. I have stayed in a place in Skyland called Hazel top quite a few times. That is the place I requested for my husband and I. It has one of the most beautiful scenes and there are no tv's in this place. I have stayed in Laurel, but it is mostly for the people who want to bring their kids who might not exactly appreciate the beauty of shenandoah yet. I am not saying Laurel isn't great, it is and has a very beautiful view, but it is where most of the people stay and it is the newest of the lodging in Skyland. I remember staying in Skyland Lodge in a place near Hazeltop that is called Bushy top and it is when the half albino deer was being spotted and we hadn't seen it yet. One morning we come walking back from eating at the dining room and right at the back of bushy top was the doe and her fawn (which happened to be the half albino deer). It was so beautiful. I love how you get to see new and interesting animals that can come right up to where you are staying. The very first time we went to Skyland Lodge I saw a bob cat laying near the deer. It was so cool and I even got a picture of it with my kids camera. lol. This is a place that I hope stays around forever. I want to take our children there and our grandchildren and I hope they take their kids and grandkids. It is one of those places that you want to share with your family for generations. I hope that whoever reads this will want to go and stay at Skyland lodge so that they too can share their memories with their husband or wife and their children and the many generations that follow.

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