One of the best trips we ever have taken two thumbs up! A review of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

Contrary to what was said in the previous review, this place was incredible. The wife and I have traveled some of the best destinations for sun, watersports, drinking, and dining but this place was great.

First let me address things in the previous review. The beach is a large beach, which services about 9400 rooms on Sandestin. When all the people staying in the rooms in any of the sandestins hotels want to go to the beach, they all head to the same area. If you go during a busy season (july 4th etc) The beach may get crowded. We liked the idea of renting the beach chairs and umbrellas as that way people couldnt wake up at 6 am and throw thier towels and stuff over the chairs to claim them for later in the day. For two beach chairs and an umbrella ( a place to call home while at the beach) we paid $15. The food at the hotel could get expensive, if you eat in the expensive reasturants. We ate at Jim and Nicks BBQ which was the best BBQ we have ever had (and we are from dallas) and with two huge meals and some of the best Ice tea we have ever had, our bill was $24 which is same as if we ate here in dallas at any BBQ place. We also had a meal that cost over $120 but if we would of had the same type of meal in dallas, it would of also of cost us $120 (ruth chris, del friscos etc). The only thing that we found a little overpriced was the drinks at the outside bar, but to make up for it, you can buy a $3 draft from the street bars.

Sandestin is a very nice resort about 40 minutes from Ft. Walton Beach airport. Once you ever the gates you will find a mixture of hotels, condoes, homes and villas along this gorgeous stretch of golf course. There are two sides you can stay on. The beach side which is all beach related and not a lot of places to eat, or the baytowne village side which is a flip flop walk away from a little dining and shopping area which looks modeled after the french quarter in new orleans. If you want to get anywhere on the resort, you can pick up a phone at many of the stops and a little tram bus will come pick you up and for free take you to any of the other tram stops throughout the village including the beach, shops etc. For $5 per person roundtrip you can have them take you outside of the resort to the huge outlet mall which has tons of great shopping and a great NY style pizza place which we ate lunch at.

We never had a bad meal when we were there. Every meal was excellant. We went right out of the off season so it wasnt very crowded, plus hurricane frances was a tropical storm and threatened damage to the city while we were there but nothing ever happened. Some of the highlights of our trip were jet- skiing, kayaking, eating, drinking, hanging out at rum runners (which was one of the most entertaining shows we have ever seen and we are usually not into this stuff) and shopping. Poppys reasturant had the best fried shrimp and oysters we have ever had, delicately fried in a ginger dipped batter.

Be sure to have the bartender make you a bloody mary at rum runners, one of the best. We stayed at the granddestin hotel and then moved 1/2 way through to the pilot house. The grand was a newer hotel, but the pilot house had a bigger room, and a beautiful room and view. You cant go wrong at any of the hotels and condos there, and they are expanding and openeing new reasturants. If you have any questions drop us a line.

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