One of my WORST hotel experiences was at Forest Villas A review of Forest Villas Hotel

I had one of my most unpleasant-ever hotel experiences here. I had booked and prepaid on When I arrived at the hotel I was told that they had no record of the reservation and that they had no rooms except for more expensive suites. After I produced my Expedia confirmation they scurried around and found some paperwork they had faxed to Expedia telling them not to sell rooms that weekend. I pointed out that the problem was between them and Expedia (their agent) and that I, the guest, should not be held responsible. They wanted me to pay extra for the room, rather than live up to the obligation they had because of their Expedia partnership. They were not polite nor customer-oriented even after I explained that the likely consequences of being so rude and unreceptive (that I would naturally spread the word of their lack of customer service). When Expedia told me to pay the charge and they would reimburse me and work it out with the hotel later, the Manager challenged whether my "attitude" was proper to stay at the hotel. I was finally given a very smokey room which was not worth the premium they charged. I would never return there and do not recommeid it to anyone else.

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