Once burned - you'd better learn - and tell everyone you know A review of Le Parc Suite Hotel

It was the weekend from hell! Booked a suite at this hotel through hotels at a rate of $186. for a rack rate room of $375.00. We chose this hotel because of its location. It is in a quite residental area in West Hollywood - off the main drag, yet very convenient. I used the online service because they are advertising heavily on tv and I like the ability to see lots of properties all at once, plus who doesn't like a good deal?When we got there they informed us that they were "overbooked" and had moved us to another hotel! My "confirmed" reservation with hotels meant absolutely nothing to them. I felt like I was at the airport and had just been informed that someone got my seat because they were willing to pay full price. The room they moved us to was a standard double in a re-done dump on a noisy, busy street. The RACK RATE for the room was only $140! And you know they didn't pay the rack rate! So they got full price for our original room and made a profit off of our reservation to boot. Hotels could have cared less - but that's another story!Bottom line - if you want to stay at this hotel DO NOT use an online booking service - you are treated like trash! There are hidden risks involved with trying to get these "deals" online - buyer beware!

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