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You will not be having ----- on the beach anywhere in Nassau. However, at the Emerald Palms, 15 minutes away by regular plane trips from Nassau, you will have the entire beach to yourself. That, plus the best service my wife and I have recieved anywhere, should be enough to get you there. The only place as nice in the Bahamas is Compass Point, but the Emerald Palms has more seclusion, and better service.

Many of the all-inclusive places make a big deal about not having to carry money while on vacation. This is even more true at Emerald Palms. Every morning after we staggered out of bed, the staff would ask us what we wanted for breakfast, which they would serve to us in the courtyard - basically on the beach - or wherever we happened to be at the moment. The chef is fantastic; the meals, luxurious.

The beach is sandy in places, and rocky in places. The rocky areas have better "wade-to-snorkling", so bring your snorkle gear. If you're a good swimmer you can swim to a reef just offshore. If you're in for more adventure, you can get Jolly Boy (a local pastor) to take you out to a blue hole or reef trip.

The service at Emerald Palms goes beyond the hotel boundries. One hotel staff member brought in a home-made conch salad (they do it spicy) and when she missed us at the hotel, brought it to the airport, where they stored it in the fridge until we got there. It's that kind of "hey, welcome to our island" service, that you miss when you stay on Nassau, and it's just a hop, skip, and jump away.

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Emerald Palms by the Sea
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