Omni - pretty good, but lacking in attention to detail A review of Omni Houston Hotel Westside

The Omni Houston is such a great hotel in many ways, but in others they really drop off. Great lobby, great restaurants (though pricey) amazing service in the restaurants and the valet folk are excellent too - very attentive. In fact to give them extra credit - they were awesome!

The hotel has a weird damp smell about it. This could be due to the water feature in the lobby - but you sort of get used to it. The rooms, at first appear to be a bit old fashioned, but the beds and bed linens are great and they really give the rooms a luxury feel.

The problem we had when we stayed there, was the bizarre housekeeping service. They'd make up our room, but do things like take away the robes one day, then remove all the coffee, or only leave decaff. One time they removed the coffee glass caraf and cups. Also the doors were a bit dirty. Little things really, but I felt that our room was made up in a slap-dash manner.

Also one afternoon I came back to the room to find a workman drilling a hole in the ceiling. It would have been nice to know in advance that there would be some guy in our room working. I felt my privacy had been invaded a little bit. I also had to hang out in the lobby with my baby while the guys finished drilling.

They did try to make good on the whole housekeeping thing by giving us free coffee, but it sort of marred the whole Omni experience and I felt petty having to complain about it.

We stayed there for 5 nights and I felt that they lacked an attention to detail - housekeeping wise for the duration.

All in all it's pretty good value for money (restaurants aside). The pool area is great.

Would I stay there again? Yes probably, as all round it's pretty nice.

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