Old rooms and bad unfriendly staff. A review of Hotel Hermosa

In december of 2004 I booked a non-smoking jaquzzi room for my girlfriend and I. I arrived with my girlfriend, checked in and headed to our room. The first thing I noticed was that the room smelled like a smoking room. I saw an ashtray inside so I knew it was a smoking room. I did not want to complain so we just unpacked our things. After an hour or so, I decided to run the jaquzzi. As the water alomst filled to the top, I noticed some green leafy substance in the water I used a cup and scooped it out and realized it was seaweed. We were stunned and grossed out. I immediately drained the tub to only find out that there was some leak at the bottom and the next thing you know, our socks were soaked and the carpet was drenched in water. I stormed to the front desk and demanded a full refund. I was redirected to stay until the assistant manager arrived in the morning. I was given the key to a temporary room until then. At around 10am the next morning, I went to the front desk and spoke to the assistant manager. Not only was unhelpful, but she kept rolling her eyes at me. She tried to tell me that they do not have non-smoking rooms and that there is nothing she can do for me. This was all a lie because I saw some rooms with non-smoking signs. I left the hotel very angry with the managers name and number. I spoke to the manager (Carla Mack) and at first she said she would have the assistant manager disiplined and she would take care of the problem and I would get a full refund. I was givin the run around for 4 months. I have contacted this establishment around 20 times and I just found out that they will not offer me a refund and they are not going to compensate me in any way.

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