My wife and I stayed there on Saturday night and would have been better off just finding a newer Motel 6 or something. One person at the desk seemed to be very nice and helpful - unfortunately, we got the other person. She won't be winning any awards for being pleasant. Overall, the hotel just needs a complete overhaul. I'll just list the problems with our room:

1. All of the walls were scuffed & dirty (hallways and in-room).

2. Toilet ran off and on all night long.

3. Uneven hot water in the morning (apparently the water in our room was tied to the surrounding rooms because it went from cold to hot to scalding whenever about every 20 seconds or when someone nearby flushed a toilet or ran a sink.

3. Bathroom sink was peeling and it looked like there was mold in the bottom of it.

4. Heating and cooling system was behind a large chair and not easily reached for adjustment. (I was fine with this, but that's because I'm 6'4" and young enough to wedge myself behind the chair.)

5. We thought we were getting a city view (Indianapolis has a very nice downtown skyline) - instead we got a view of the other side of the city (not terrible, but not really anything to see.)

6. The bed was UNBELIEVABLY hard and uncomfortable.

I could go on, but as I said earlier, this hotel just needs major updates to keep pace with just about any other hotel in the area. I would definitely not recommend this place unless it was as a last resort. I stay in a lot of hotels and honestly have never written a review of any of them before. This one is just too bad to ignore for the price I paid to stay there.

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