Okay, but overpriced A review of Doubletree Hotel Tallahassee

I had already made reservations for this hotel when I came on tripadvisor and read all of the reviews. I nearly cancelled because of them, but since it was only for a night, I decided to stick with it.

We encountered problems before we even got there because the directions on my confirmation letter (which was e-mailed to me from the hotel) were wrong. They stated to get off at Exit 29 off of I-10 when it's actually exit 199. The street directions were completely wrong as well. Luckily, my friend and I had enough common sense to call them and get correct ones. What did they use? Mapquest?

My friend and I stayed here last Saturday night before the Georgia Tech at Florida State men's basketball game. There were no cookies ready when I arrived to check in at 8:30pm---I was given a "Rain Check"---but it wasn't a big deal. (I assume they were out because the Georgia Tech team/staff was also staying at the hotel and beat us to the punch.) After I was mistakenly ignored for a few moments (I look pretty young for my age and the desk clerks thought I was with the couple in front of me), check in went smoothly, and I was even given two certificates for breakfast in the hotel restaurant for my inconvenience.

The room was clean and the heat was already on when we entered (it was pretty cold outside that night). I loved the burgundy colored comforters, the duvet covers, and the coordinated interior in general. We got most of the basic cable channels except for TNT---which was too bad since it was NBA All Star Weekend. (That would also explain why there was a group of Tech players in the lobby of the hotel watching the game---for whatever reason, the TV downstairs picked that channel up.) And the bed has to be one of the most comfortable I've ever slept in. My biggest complaints would be about the bathroom. The bathroom was clean, but one of the lightbulbs was out and there was no fan, which I thought was strange. I don't think I've ever stayed in a hotel that didn't have a fan in the bathroom. There was no rail in the shower. I also noticed that the ceiling above the shower was patched rather badly---almost as if there had been a leak and someone didn't do a very good job of fixing it. Little things, but the details make a difference.

I read the warnings on here about housekeeping coming early, but I couldn't locate the "Do Not Disturb" sign.....meaning we got a 9AM interruption after not going to bed until about 3:30. We should have requested a sign just to make sure we had one, but did they REALLY have to start cleaning that early?

We went to the breakfast buffet but found that it was already broken down by the time we were seated (which took longer than it should have). The certificates we were given had a value of up to $7.95. My friend and I both went a little over, but the waitress (who was also trying to bus tables and help set up the Sunday brunch while she waited on us and others) told us not to worry about the extra. The service was painfully slow. They were hosting a breakfast for the Georgia Tech players at around the same time we were eating, and they were also severely understaffed. I'm not sure what contributed more (maybe they're normally understaffed on a Sunday), but it needs to be fixed. On the upside, my food (an egg white omlette with breakfast potatoes and toast and a glass of apple juice) was very good. Check out presented no issues, although I still didn't receive my cookies. The person at the front desk was able to direct us to the nearest Starbucks and drug store, which saved us a lot of time.

My experience was better than most of the others I've read here. But my conclusion is this: The best thing about this hotel is the location within the city---it's great if you're going to the Civic Center for a basketball game. However, it's overpriced and it needs some work, specifically in the customer service realm. If I were coming simply to see Tallahassee and not for a sporting event (not that there's much to see), I'd probably stay somewhere else.

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