Okay, but could better A review of Embassy Suites Miami Airport

This hotel is okay. When we first got here, the first room smelled like smoke, so we got a different room. The staff were friendly about our change and gave us a room on the 10th floor. When we got to the new room, there was a leak in the bathroom, so it wasn't so great. Plus the Tv didn't work right, the tv was all green with no other colors. And when we called the front desk to bring a electrition, the man came and was a bit rude. He said that there was no way to adjust the tv, and the elevators didn't work so he had bigger problems than fixing our tv. Then around 10:00, there was a thunder storm, at first it didn't really matter, but then a huge lightning, seems like, hit the building. The fire alarms went off. We thought the building was on fire, so, from the tenth floor, we walked down the stairs all the way to the 1st floor! When we went to the front desk, the lady said it was a false alarm. How Great! When we went upstairs, ready to go to sleep in our PJs, we found out we left the keys inside the room, soo..... then we had to go all the way down stairs to get a new key. What a night!!!!! Even though we didn't have a great night, the hotel was okay. The rooms were clean, even though they had some little things wrong, and the breakfast was good. They had a clean pool with a hot tub that is relaxing. The staff could have been a little nicer, especially the electrition, who pretty much told us he had more important things to do than help the guest.

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