Ok, so there were some issues. A review of Hyatt Regency DFW

We stayed here Friday night so we wouldn't have to drive home after a New Years party. I've never stayed at a Hyatt so expected the same anemities, etc as I've had at other hotels. This was not the case.

I called the day before to make sure our room would have a small fridge (King size room). Was informed that no, it doesn't, however we could "rent" one for $15 a day. That seemed like an OK deal until we discovered that their "day" was from Midnight to Midnight! In other words, we would be forced to pay for 2 days even though we were staying for one night, or not receive the fridge until Midnight. This is clearly unacceptable and I can't believe they would rip off their customers this way considering what they charge for the rooms.

There is no continental breakfast. At least, not for free OR cheap. There was a menu, but the food was very little for an elevated price.

When booking the room we requested a smoking room. When we arrived to check in we were told it was non-smoking. I told the man that we had requested a SMOKING room. He said OK. I assumed he gave us a correct room. He didn't. It was clearly a non-smoking room that we received. Naturally we smoked anyway, and used the soap dish as an ashtray. :)

All in all, it's a decent place, but don't be surprised when there are fewer anemities than they offer at much cheaper hotels.

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