OK, nothing special A review of Sheraton Burlington Hotel and Conference Center

We ended up with this place through Hotwire.

Very large hotel with seemingly endless dark corridors. Pleasant reception who checked us in a little earlier than we were supposed to be there. Our room overlooked a peaceful inner courtyard, lots of plants, mostly growing over the windows so it was quite dark in the room during the day. Room furnished in a slightly sickly green with an interesting offset bed arrangement but with a sofa, TV, desk, easy chair what else could they fit in? Room reasonably clean but quite dusty, table dusted in front of objects like the phone but the phone clearly hadn't been moved to clean behind.

One lightbulb didn't work and another's "find in the dark" light flickered annoyingly during the night. We could have tested the service promise from Sheraton, since it was promoted in the room, on the TV and by reception but we were only staying one night so didn't bother.

Pool was large, freezing but there were lots of towels on a shelf (read earlier review) but no visible staff on duty.

The hotel's principal business appears to be conventions and Sunday morning food service areas were mobbed so go early or go outside. We were also woken during the night when one of the convention parties finished and guests decided to continue their party down the corridor. Never really understand why hotels can't keep convention guests in the same part of the hotel since they all have similar needs but there you go.

Should you venture outside the hotel (and since I wouldn't describe it as "attractive" you really should, downtown Burlington is just over the hill, University Mall is just round the corner and it's at the side of the Interstate so you're well connected. If you're a tourist in the area do check out the Shelburne museum just seven miles south.

We paid $60 for the room so have little to complain for the price but would probably not have paid the full price they were asking on their website for same room.

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