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Just got back from a stay at Caesar's Tahoe. We weren't very happy to arrive at almost 4pm and be told that our room would not be ready for 2 more hours. (I'm sure they would have something to say if we wanted to check out 2 hours late!) We sat in the lobby and waited as we had children with us and didn't want to leave them to gamble, and as we sat we overheard them tell many, many others that their rooms were also not yet available. Seems they need a new cleaning staff - the next day it was almost 3pm by the time they got around to cleaning our room.The room itself was nice, the bathroom was large and had a vanity area with a stool, low counter, and makeup mirror. The tub and shower were very large, with a frosted glass wall that looked into the bedroom (the shower curtain pulls around the window for those who are shy!). The pillows were awful, and I could hardly sleep - they were like big bags of feathers that went flat as soon as you put your head on them. Also, the headboard on the bed was completely grossing me out. It was covered in a velvet fabric, and it was obvious a previous guest had - how shall I say - left some DNA stains on the headboard if you get my meaning. No hotel should ever have anything near a bed that can't be thrown in a washer or wiped down with bleach. We attended a wedding in their chapel, and it was very nice and tasteful. There are both indoor and outdoor weddings available, and there were 20 scheduled for the day we were there - we felt extremely rushed in and out! We wanted to swim in the hotel pool, but never did find the time. It's indoor (they have a small outdoor area for tanning), and it had a waterfall that came on every once in awhile. It was probably one of the better hotel pools I've seen, but I wasn't too impressed with the hotel itself.

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