OK, but would look elsewhere next time A review of Residence Inn by Marriott Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor

This hotel wasn't quite what I expected in terms of location, parking, and the usual quality I expect with Marriott. The hotel is located in the inner harbor "area", but the reality is that it's two blocks up, and one block over from the area. While that's not a substantial distance for walking (about 10 mins), there is a noticeable difference in terms of the surrounding environment. This Residence Inn feels more like it's in the city, rather than near the harbor (and no, you cannot see the harbor from this hotel). In fact, when I asked the employee at the front desk if it was safe to walk home at night from the Inner Harbor, she replied "well there's an Orioles game tonight so there will be plenty of people around and you shouldn't have a problem". She was right. On both nights (both game nights) there were plenty of people and we were fine, but I still had an uneasy feeling about the location (which I did not have in the harbor area).

Parking is valet parking only ($25/night). We were unable to retrieve items from the car ourselves, and needed the valet staff to get our car out of parking in order to pull something out of the car. Kind of an inconvenience as it took 30 mins and the staff wasn't too happy about the hassle.

The hotel had only been open for 3 weeks and was definitely very "fresh" looking; however the quality just wasn't there. For instance, the sheets & pillowcases on the beds are rough (and I don't just mean a little). My 7 yr daughter actually asked me why the pillows felt so scratchy. It was seriously noticeable. Housekeeping also seemed somewhat non-existent. We came back from a day out and had some new towels sitting on the couch, but the beds weren't made, trash not taken out, room not vacuumed, etc.

So overall, while we able to stay at the hotel for a decent price ($179/night for 2 Queen Bed Studio), I wouldn't stay here again. Nothing about this hotel spelled "disaster", but the lack of quality, hassle with parking, and semi-questionable location was enough to have me look elsewhere next time.

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