OK but not what I expected A review of Radisson Hotel Valley Forge

I spent a week at this hotel in Sept 2003 while attending a business seminar. The seminar was located in one of the conference rooms of the hotel, and at least 200 people were attending this seminar. There was an problem with my reservation-on the sixth and final night of my stay. Apparently there was some sort of mixup and I was told by several people at the front desk that I did not have a room, and to seek accomodations elsewhere for that one night. Luckily, I found out about this a day or two ahead of time when I inquired at the front desk about something and they mentioned my check out date, which was incorrect. I did make a reservation at a nearby hotel "just in case", since I was told by the Radisson staff that if there was a cancellation then I would still have a room there. Only after

speaking with the hotel manager, I was assured that I would not be asked to leave the hotel for the final night of my stay. I thought it was awful that the front desk staff were so quick to tell me to find a room elsewhere, when I was attending a seminar that was paying to use one of their conference rooms and at least half of the people attending the seminar were staying at that hotel, thus generating a lot of business for the hotel.

Interestingly, I happened to be in the lobby on the last night of my stay, and overheard several irate people complaining at the front desk that they had confirmed reservations at the Radisson, and when they arrived to check in, they were told the hotel was full.

There are two restaurants on-site at the Radisson, a nightclub (beware: the lobby area is really noisy due to the nightclub and there are lots of people from the nightclub, who are probably not staying at the hotel, loitering around the lobby and hallways), in addition to a dinner theater with rotating shows. I did go to the dinner theater one evening (the show featured celebrity impersonators) and found the show to be entertaining. The dinner and show came to about $50 (drinks are extra), and you need reservations.

About halfway through my stay, the drain in the bathtub/shower clogged. Several people from maintenance attempted to fix the problem, and finally determined that the tub would need to be removed in order to fix the problem, although the tub was still usable. My room had this strange odor during this time, which was better if the bathroom door was kept shut, but still noticable. I was offered the possibility of changing rooms, which I declined, as they didn't have an available room at the time. Eventually, I was told I would have one night taken off my bill for the inconvenience. Also, it was very windy one night (due to a hurricane passing near the area), and my "window" (which looked like a balcony door that had been sealed shut) came open so the curtains were billowing around and you could hear the wind whistling in the room. It was impossible to close myself as the window/door had been screwed shut and wouldn't go back into place. Finally, someone was able to come and correct the problem.

All in all, I probably would not stay here again.

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