OK but not a five star A review of Iron Gate Hotel & Suites

Stayed at the hotel 25-27 Feb. It was a romantic weekend away I had planned for my boyfriend and I, so I thought I'd pay a bit extra and go for a 5* hotel, with a deluxe suite. From the photos I'd seen when I booked it I was expecting some kind of amazing room with plenty of space. The "suite" was dark, and I felt quite claustraphobic in it, not at all like the pictures, and I would say no where near the 550sq ft as promised on the website. I even phoned reception to double check we were in the right suite (room 403), they said yes it was a deluxe, no Jaccuzi as hoped either, or fluffy bathrobe, or bulvgari complimentary cosmetics, couldn't work out either what was complimentary and what wasn't, as not clearly labeled.

I think I might have upset the hotel before I went as I enquired about having champagne waiting in the room, but they wanted 100 euros, so I decided not to bother, maybe that offended then so they gave us a rubbish room... who knows?

Cafe Bogner was OK, but again not amazing, choice of food was very poor. I wanted a bit of wow factor from this hotel, and it failed to deliver miserably.

I wish I had just gone for a 3* or 4* now and not got my expectations up.

The location however was fantastic, word of warning though, get your bearings in the daytime before you go out, we left the hotel 8pm, had some lovely cocktails in a great place called the "U Prince" we spent 3 hours walking around in the cold and couldn't find the hotel, you could quite literally walk past it without realizing. Worse still no-one seemed to have heard of it. At the time we decided there was something wierd about the hotel, as people seemed to go quiet when you mentioned it, but maybe I've watched to many movies! Would be interested to hear if anyone else experienced this.

Also in our room, you couldn't sit up in bed and watch TV, due to sloped ceilings, and my poor fella had to do the limbo to use the toilet as the wall sloped inwards, and the shower was positioned about 4ft up the wall?? Anyway I have included a photo of the "suite" for you to make up your own mind.

To summarize, great location but nothing special.

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