OK, but could be better A review of BEST WESTERN Kings Quarters

The King's Quarters Best Western was better than I expected. Friends had said it was a little dumpy. The rooms were pretty clean, which is the most important thing. It definately could be improved upon considering how close to King's Dominion it is. The outdoor areas leading to the rooms should be renovated to look more appealing (new stairs or even an elevator would be great!) Be aware you have to carry your luggage up a flight of outdoor stairs. The cleaning staff should do a better job of keeping the stairways and balconies clean. After the cleaning people clean the rooms, they leave the dirty laundry in piles here and there for someone else to pick up, I guess. At least that's how it was when we visited, 7/03. It would make the whole feeling of the place change if they at least updated the stairways/balconies and their cleaning practices. The pool was okay but the water was cloudy and the food shack was not open (whould have been nice to have a drink by the pool, since it was very hot)!

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