OK, but an inconsistent choice A review of Hilton Arlington

We had two rooms the middle of October. Got a great rate on Priceline, $45 per night (booked far in advance). The hotel was just about sold-out and the going rate was over $250 for the time we were there. We actively use Priceline, so we know not to expect the best rooms, so this review is without a "Priceline Bias".

The Good: Great location, Metro is two steps away. Good restaurant choices are nearby, there's a Mall with food court and mid-scale chain restaurants that is a 5 minute indoor walk away (thru a connected office building), there's also an IHOP across the street. It's just a $15 cab ride from Reagan National Airport. Parking is onsite thru a 3rd party garage. Overall the property is a solid 3 star choice, without any major frills.

The Bad: The rooms are incredibly inconsistent in quality and shape, the building design means that many rooms are not "square". Our first room had a horrible view of the HVAC system (no biggie), but our in-room HVAC system didn't work (old wall mounted units, couldn't change the temp.). Also, our phone had a terrific buzz on the line. The lobby was being renovated (behind schedule), but a minor inconvenience. The parking garage has horrible customer service, more than once there was a problem with an unmanned booth (he had to go get his breakfast), a broken gate and surly service, $14 a night I think. More than one soda machine was completely sold out while we were there, no snack machines.

The Overall: After the problem with our first room, they did relocate us to a better choice (but the HVAC unit was still old), the night manager was more accomodating than the day staff. While waiting in lobby, another guest said that it took them 4 separate tries to straighten out their credit card charges. We would stay there again for sure for the price we paid, but we would make sure that the room was at least average quality. It's about a 15 minute Metro ride into the center of DC, so the location is better than most outlying hotels. If you are expecting a good, clean hotel without all of the extras, this would be an adequate choice. Certainly better than a Holiday Inn, but for sure not the Four Seasons.

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