November 04 A review of Hotel Cataratas

First is not a 5 stars hotel. About a high 3 because of the amenities (Spa and pool). Rooms are large although a little torn down. Average bathroom. Breakfast and dinner disappointing. In Argentina is almost impossible not to eat well, that was the exception.

Most important, request a room not facing the pool, unless you plan not to sleep. There are shows every night from 10 to 12 pm and the sound was so loud that we couldn't hear the TV in our room with the windows closed. We requested a change and they obliged, to another room in the other wing of the hotel. Be warned.

Service was attentive although many only speak English (not a problem for us), and if you request extras or changes in the menu they'll bring you extras apart from the buffet whiteout charge.

The line bus to the Cataratas National Park (the falls) stops just in front of the hotel every 45' (fare 2.8 pesos/person). Just wave for it.

If you can afford it stay at the Sheraton (inside the Park)

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