Nothing too special... A review of Aston Maui Lu Resort

I recently stayed at the Aston Maui Lu hotel, and when I return to Maui, I will think twice about staying there again. When we drove up the enterance way to the hotel, one side was a nice grassy area, however the other side looked like time forgot it. There were a bunch of old, run down buildings that looked as if they once belonged to the Maui lu since they were on their property. The guy who checked us in was great, very friendly ... and another staff member met us at our car once we parked to carry our bags up the stairs to our room... I have to say the staff were very friendly. The garden area was not much of a garden, it was just a grassy area w/some walk pathways leading to the popl, laundry facility and the main lodge. The pool was very simple, and very cold. The main lodge was no longer a "lodge" , it looked as though one time, long ago, they had a resteraunt, hair salon and gift shop. The laundry facility was hot, and dirty, and not something i would use ... and the bungalos looked as though they were ready to fall down, they were old and looked as though no one has bothered to update them or pain them since the property opened. I found the rooms to be quite large for Hawaii, but nothing special. They were not as clean as I would have liked, the Lanai was quite large but overrun by bugs and spiders, and the couch and chairs were stained and not clean. I personally would not pay to stay here again and am hesitant about other Aston properties.

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