Nothing special A review of Hilton Newark Airport

I went to this hotel with a group of 24 teenagers and 2 adults for 3 nights. The hotel itself and the rooms were ok. The problem is the staff exepted the security guy. The first night, one of my friend forgot her key in her room and because she couldn't speak English, I went downstairs at the front desk with her to ask for new keycards. I explained to the woman that my friend forgot her key in her room, instead of giving her a new card, she told us that we were not responsible and she didn't want to give her a new key because she would lose it again. I had to negociate with her about half an hour before she finally decided to give my friend a key for her room. After 7 hours of bus between Montreal and Newark, let me tell you that this is not really what I was waiting for from a Hilton hotel staff.

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