Not worth the steep price! A review of Millennium Airport Hotel Buffalo

My family and I recently stayed at the Four Points Sheraton in Buffalo, NY for 3 nights/ 4 days. The total of the bill was $727.00!!! What I asked for was a room with a king size bed, jacuzzi, and sofa sleeper for two daughters to share. What I ended up with was a room with king size bed, jacuzzi that was not aestically pleasing (looked like something out of a hospital), stains on the carpets and fleas in our beds! Not to mention our room was right next to the pool which does not close until 10pm. We heard a lot of yelling, screaming and kids were banging on our door! We also noticed that the security was lax in allowing the nonguests on the property. People were able to walk in off the street and use the hotels pool without anyone saying a thing. There was no keycard or doorkey needed to access the facilties. This caused the pool to be overcrowded and the noise level intolerable. We tried to rent a movie using the on screen tv menu which indicated the price was $10.99 to watch.. I admit this was too much to pay for a movie you only get to watch once but imagine my surprise when I got the bill and saw that I was charged $64.00 for this! By the end of our stay we were all grumpy from lack of sleep, frustrated by the poor quality of service and itching from head to toe from flea bites! (We later discovered that the hotel permits dogs to be brought into hotel which would explain the flea infestation.) I would not recommend this hotel and I would never stay at the Four Points Sheraton again.

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