Not Worth the Ratings, Depressing. A review of Hotel Brunswick

I was shocked when pulling up to this hotel a few days ago. From the web site and the AAA rating, I figured it would be a nice place to stay for the night. The closer we got to the hotel, the more my heart sank. When I entered the ground floor and took the escalator up to the dingy lobby, I prayed they had lost my reservation. The place smelled like coverup for cigarette smoke, and the front desk looked like an afterthought. The place had a very uncomfortable, dark, dirty feel to it.

I sadly checked in to the room, but didn't bring my luggage. I wanted to see if the rooms were as bad as I thought. I got a room next to the elevator when I had asked for a nice view when I booked the room.

The room, supposedly non-smoking, smelled terrible, overpowering me with awful air freshener scent, an obivous cover-up of smoking. I could tell because the smoke detector's cover had turned from white to amber colored from smoke stains. The furniture was rattty, the bed concave from overuse, the bathroom had silver missing off the back of the mirror and a few of the ceiling tiles were buckled, as though about to collapse. The view was of a parking lot. I felt like I was in a slum.

We checked out without staying the night. It was simply too depressing. This place may have been the site of some historic events, but it is NOT worthy of a 3-diamond propery rating and it is NOT worth staying at. Avoid at all costs.

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Hotel Brunswick
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