Not worth the money A review of Clocktower Inn Hotel

I picked this place out because it was given 3 stars, it offered in-room internet access, and I got a pretty good rate online considering their published rates.

The pluses are that the hotel is pretty quaint, and the enclosed atrium where the breakfast is served was really nice. Also, the hotel is about 3 blocks from the beach, although you have to cross over the freeway.

The first minus I encountered was the parking. You're relegated to a small city lot which quickly fills up especially when the hotel is near capacity. I felt sorry for those who got in late.

Also, the hotel itself sits next to Mission Park, which is nicely situated across from the historic Mission San Buenventura, but is also the center of the town's homeless culture. Most rooms are in the back of the hotel, and the windows are facing the park, so you have to keep the curtains drawn unless you don't mind the eyes. I don't particularly mind the crowd, but I was a little anxious about my car considering there's no fence between the park and the parking lot.

The $8.95/day for internet was very disappointing for me as I consider it a guest service if the infrastructure is there, and charging a fee for it is like charging admission to the pool. Also, the desk, where you would logically put your laptop was located away from the Cat 5 jack, and you would need at least a 10-foot cable to reach it. I just sat on the floor.

The morning brought yet another problem: hot water. It would start off comfortable, but then slowly die to a much cooler temperature. Turning the hot faucet up fixed the problem, but the cycle continued.

The breakfast was something that I might expect from a Super 8: nothing really hot or fresh, just toast, cereal, sweet rolls, etc.

Overall, the relative location is good because of its proximity to the beach and Downtown, and the room itself was nicely decorated and quaint, like I said. But this was just not worth what I ended up paying for it.

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