Not Worth the Money A review of Hilton Orrington

My husband and I stayed at Hotel Orrington for my friend's wedding in February 2005. Luckily, we received a bit of a discount for the room as a result of the wedding block, and although I have no problem paying more for a nice hotel, I felt very cheated here. Our room was at the end of the hall and extremely cramped. The closet held only our 2 jackets and my bridesmaid dress, plus there was practically no dresser space, so we could not even begin to unpack our luggage. The bed was great - large and very comfortable, but it took up the entire room. Both of us could not fit into the tiny bathroom at the same time. Plus there was no fan, so we had to open the window (in Chicago in February) in order to let the steam from the shower out of the small space. We even had to turn away the cleaning service due to there just being no room for her to even clean with our 2 carry-on pieces of luggage there. Also, I love kids, but the young children staying in the room next to us sounded like they were crying at the foot of our bed each morning - the walls were so thin. We could have spent less money for a much nicer room downtown Chicago. The staff was friendly - very slow and somewhat confused (which may get better with time, as the hotel recently reopened) - but still very friendly. I really am sorry to complain, and this is the first negative review I have posted on this site, but unless you are getting a discounted rate - stay elsewhere.

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