Not Worth The Money!!! A review of Kahler Grand Hotel

We had a bad experience with the Kahler!! We had to sit in the hallway 30 minutes with our luggage while they fixed our door. We could only run our shower on the "pulse" setting. (This was a little hard on your body) It was so uncomfortable at night because you could not run your own air conditioning our family was up most of the night trying to stay cool.

When the guests next door took a shower (usualy 5 a.m.) it sent us all flying out of our beds because the pipes made such unbearable noises you could not possibly sleep. The worst part of this is the guest that stayed in our room before us had all the same complaints before we checked in and none of the problems were fixed when we checked in. I didn't even get a reply from the hotel after I sent a letter of complaint. You could not find anyplace to eat after 9 p.m., even on the weekends. I think the only reason people stay here is because of the handiness when going to conferences or in our case a dance competition.

Next time were going down the block and paying half the price and I'm sure sleeping a lot better.

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