Not Worth It! A review of Quality Inn Boardwalk

If you're thinking about staying here...DON'T! The rooms are way overpriced for it's value. We paid $259 per night for an oceanfront suite. Instead, we got a room on the first floor that had the pool and fence blocking the ocean view. When we complained, they simply said that it was facing the ocean, therefore it's an oceanfront room. Wow, was my expression. Online they show a clean room with a sitting area and kitchen. Let me say that the room looked filthy and did not represent what I saw on the "virtual tour". The floor had white stains all over the place, the "kitchen" looked like it came from the 70's. It had rust all over the appliances and refridgerator! The bathroom was tiny and the sink had rust too!!! That was only the beginning. As I was packing, I noticed that I was missing my Victoria Secret lotion and body spray. I had placed it on the desk and it was gone! I tore the room up and down to find nothing. I proceeded to look in my bag to see if anything else was missing. My favorite long sleeve tee was missing too. When I complained, the manager's response was, "In the 16 years I have worked here, a maid has never been accused of taking anything." Wow again! Basically he was calling me a liar. So, knowing that I would never see my lost belongings again I promised myself that I would write a review to protect others from enduring the misfortune I encountered. It's not worth paying $259 per night to get a crappy room with a crappy view to get your belongings stolen.

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