Not worth it A review of King George Palace

This sounded like it would be a great hotel but besides the excellent view to the Acropolis and convenient location, it was a disappointment. The room was small with no seating area and bathroom had no room to put toiletries etc.

But, most of all, the service was terrible, haphazardly and snobbishly delivered. When they couldn't find our reservation at Tudor Hall (made months in advance by a travel agent), the concierge, when we could not get the time we wanted, said that we should be grateful we were lucky enough to get any table at all and reminded us that there was a dress code (we had just come from a hot day at the Acropolis). Not very welcoming. By the way, the dress code was flouted by many men without jackets. On top of it all, view great but food (if you're used to NYC standards) not so great. Concierge also not helpful re local shopping.

Not sure what else Athens has to offer but would try to find somewhere else, like Grande Bretagne.

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