Not Worth It - I'm Sorry To Say A review of Hotel InterContinental Miami

I expected a lot more from InterContinental. The computer system was down when we checked in and they were unable to verify the rate. Had I known what I was to be charged I would have gone elsewhere. In the end, no consideration was given and, with a plane to catch, decided not to press the matter, but I will never stay at a InterContinental again without written verification of the rate, including the undisclosed taxes.

Business travellers should note that the much advertised "business center" was unmanned during stated hours of operation and charges outrageous rates. I would suggest a short walk across the street to the Internet Cafe.

The bartender disappeared with several customers present, and the other hotel employees acted as if this was a regular event. For what they charge for a glass of wine, the bartender could at least hang around and prevent thirsty guests from pouring their own and leaving room number i.o.u.'s.

I was also told by a hotel employee that the InterContinental Miami had recently been downgraded by some agency, and I can see why that might be so.

The view from the room is stunning, but again, how much time do you spend in your room when a vibrant city like Miami awaits?

I have travelled a lot, and unless you are on a generous expense account, I honestly believe this hotel to be quite simply "Not Worth It".

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