Not worth $400 A review of Avila La Fonda Hotel

I thought this was a beautiful hotel and asked my boyfriend to bring me here for my birthday. I was really disappointed that he had to pay so much for the room. We were on the first floor and the view was a parking lot (actually, you should know it's the view for almost all the rooms). We could hear the noise from the washing machines down the hall.

The jacuzzi tub was very nice and the shower was spacious with two showerheads. It's just that I've stayed in "luxury" hotels before and this was nothing compared to them. You don't even get a view of the beach.

So, it's a nice hotel but not worth more than $150/$200 a night.

Every guest is important to us ..while you seemed to like much of the hotel we're disappointed in price you paid ..please contact the hotel and ask for either the manager and or my self and we will be pleased to refund you're entire stay ..

Weekends away should be magical thats business we are in enjoy life ..thank you for you're kind comments ..micheal owner

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