Not what we thought A review of Lime Tree Bay Resort Motel

First, I must say that our room was beautiful. We stayed in a cottage.

It was clean, modern and had ample space. The kitchen facilities were quite nice. I have no complaint about the interior of the cottage.

However, we were disappointed with the rest of the facility. The "beach" was about a 20' X10' space of obviously deposited sand.

Adjacent to the beach was a still area of water that smelled very badly and I'm no prude about such things. No one would want to go in this water.

The ad described the cottage as being in a secluded garden area. It was not secluded. There was a connected cottage. There was no garden except for a couple of dying potted plants near a shed.

Whoever did the photography is very skilled at putting the best representation forward through editing and angling the picture.

For us, it was not nearly worth the price of paying for a resort for just the room.

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