Not what we paid for!!!! A review of Newport Bay Club & Hotel

We were very excited about our first trip to Newport Beach and the thought of staying right in the heart of the town. We figured that paying a little more to stay at the Newport Bay Club would be worth it! Boy were we wrong! My wife, daughter and I checked in about 9pm after a long day of driving only to find no one to help us with our bags in the pouring rain. Not a big deal but something we kind of expected at this "first-class", high priced hotel. Being avide "exercisers" and only staying at places with facilities, we looked forward to using the pool and exercise equipment. We were told at check-in that they had an arrangement with a local exercise club and that the facility was down for the week. We were also told for the first time that the only room available was over the nightclub and that none of the rooms were non-smoking. They were right considering that 2 of the blankets in our room were covered with cigarette burns! It was very frustrating to think that for almost $300/night we received no service upon check-in, the exercise club was not available, we were placed above a noisy nightclub (loud enough that I had to stuff cotton in my ears to sleep), the blankets were a mess and they basically said it was out of their control without any apology or the slightest indication that maybe we should receive some form of reduced rate or compensation for our less than perfect room!! Their exact words were " Well if your unhappy why don't you go somewhere else.". It is even more frustrating when you know that they sent us a pre-trip welcome letter without ever mentioning the lack of exercise facilities. Needless to say, we stayed only the one night (booked for 3) and will never go back nor do we recommend this place to anyone else!!

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