NOT WHAT IT ONCE WAS A review of Minerals Resort & Spa

First let me say I used to make annual ski trips to this place and rent 2 or 3 large condo's on the slopes for a week at a time about 8 years ago. The good old days as I have come to call them. The days when the stay was reasonable, the staff helpful and the price included lift tickets. Why else would you stay at a slope side resort I ask?

Anyway we had arrived early hoping to use the spa before we checked in, not a problem, unless you are planning on a quick lunch at kites before you go. Lunch, was a fortune. The food was fabulous but served to us by the least attentive waitress I have ever encountered. By the time we either flagged her down, went to the bar or insearch for her ourselves, two hours had passed. Which leads me to my next complaint:

RESERVATIONS??!! I reserved almost 3 months in advance because I new the smaller rooms near the slopes go quickly. I asked for a 1 bedroom on the slopes, from my many many trips over the years I know exactly where the only two they have are located. I was told both were available. When I arrived, They had booked me into a studio no where near the slopes. When I told them my story, they said they could put me in a 1 bedroom for an addition $60 per night. Since we were staying 4 night this was a huge difference, before I had a chance to dispute the price difference I was told by a very happy, yet very, clueless lady that there were no one bedrooms available they had been taken off the rental block. She said would be happy to bump up to a 2 bedroom condo for close to $100 more a night I haggled for nearly 45 minutes, eventually settling on a room, somewhere in the same zip code I requested (it had a view of the slopes two parking lots away) at $130 more for the stay. And lets not forget that if you don't put the room on a credit card and you pay with cash they hold and extra $50 a night for approximately a month after you check out. The room was not ready as house keeping was too busy to get to it yet. check in was at 4, it was now 5pm. So back to Kites to watch the game. Same waitress of course. There is nothing worse than being on vacation and watching your hair turn grey while you wait for your server to bring you a beer during the play offs. Except maybe watching her gossip in the corner for 1/2 an hour, while you flap your arms around attempting to get her attention. At 6:00 I went to the front desk to find out It was almost ready, as I left the building headed to the room I passed the house keeping lady who had been cleaning our room. She was chatty and felt the need to inform me of her very bad day, and just exaclty what was wrong with management etc etc etc.

Once in the condo, I was disappointed to say the least, the condition was shabby, the furniture was cheap, the kitchen supplies we sparse, no longer did they give complimentary coffee, or any of the nice touches they used to do. Ones that should definately be included when This trip could have paid 2 1/2 months mortgage. It's just gone down hill terribly (no pun intended). Oh yes and the cleaning people came while we were skiing and lucky for us they made the bed. That's it. No fresh towels, no vaccum.. nothing. My favorite was when after 3 days they still had not removed the rotting bird corpse that had landed frozen on our front porch. Normally I would take care of it and not think about it but I wondered how long they would leave it there. Perhaps it was meant for the next guest as part of the welcoming basket.... yeah right. The day I left I gave the bird a toss into the snow bank.

And if you are skiing at Mountain Creek while you stay at Minerals, here are a few things they don't do anymore either: No longer can you buy your full stay of lift tickets when you arrive. That's right be happy you are slopeside for a week when you still have to get dressed drive down to the main lodge 3 miles away EVERY MORNING to buy your lift tickets instead of skiing from your porch... LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS!

I found the Spa to be as lovely as always. Dont go during childrens hours and you may still find that slice of heaven on a sunny winter afternoon while you float ALONE in the outdoor heated pool!

I did have a fantastick meal at a place called Peasant on Route 23N. (make a right at the interesection of 94 and 23 when coming from Minerals, it's about 10 minutes or so down the road on your right). Besides the outdoor heated pool, the fabulous snow we had to ski in, Peasant was the highlight of the trip.

Am doing Sugar Bush, VT instead next year. The drive maybe farther but closer is obviously not always better. They may actually quote me for a room that exists.

If you do stay, you could have a better experience than I did, after all we had been hit with a large storm and it could have set the SKI RESORT back a little.

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